Wednesday, May 7, 2008

second stop, still in Oregon...

On Monday, 5/5, we moved west to the Deschutes River Campground (OR State Recreation Area), 66 miles. We are backed up to the river, with a wonderful view (again). The geese and their goslings seem to have made this area their home.

Yesterday, 5/6, we took a “road trip”, starting with a local road just on the other side of the Deschutes River, which lead up, up, up, above the Columbia heading west. It came down just before The Dalles, where we stopped at a PetCo for supplies for CC. Then we went to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum. It was great. From there we took historic highway 30 heading west, where the views are incredible. Back home at 5:00 for a relaxing evening. Weather forecast for today is winds gusting to 50, so no bicycle trip today. We don’t have internet access in the park, so are going to go into town (Biggs) and see what we can find. Then maybe another “road trip” to see the scenery.

We are going to leave the BigSky here and take off Tuesday morning for Ephrata for Rotary and dentist appointments. Then back on Wednesday evening, to pull out early Thursday and head south to the Bend area.


Debbie said...

Great photos! That's some wind out there. We mountain bike raced tonight and it was chilly. I'm even more tired of the cold than I was when I saw you guys last. Keep us updated and keep the photos coming! Love you guys. Deb

michelle said...

Awesome pictures. That drive looks a little daunting. I'd be in the back taking a nap during that drive.