Monday, February 16, 2009

Fireworks and lots of fun in Lake Havasu City Arizona

We left Laughlin Nevada last Monday (in the rain) and headed to Parker Arizona for one night and then met up with friends on Tuesday and headed for a BLM wash to set up camp for about a week. We finally got set up, had horsd’oevres and liquid refreshment around the fire.

On Wednesday the 6 of us went geocaching and found two caches out in the desert. What fun trying to find a small object hidden where it took all of us looking to find. We had to hike about 3 miles to find both and then get back. We kept looking but did not find any snakes. That night we had another fire after dinner and watched the first of 5 nights of fireworks. There is a pyrotecnition convention every year at Lake Havasu City Arizona. Our camp was 3 miles away but we still had a great view and Dick got some good pictures.

Thursday, Robbie, Alice, Jeannie, Dick and Jackie put on our hiking boots and headed out into the desert again. This time we hiked to a mountain range, found a way to get around the mountains and then walked the valley between two ranges. It was over 5.5 miles with most of it without a trail. What a wonderful time out in nature with only the 5 of us for miles. Then rest, dinner and just the two of us sitting looking out the back of the 5th wheel with a nice glass of wine, enjoying another night of fireworks. Dick set the camera on a tri-pod outside and ran the remote shutter release inside so he could get some more pictures.

The mountains in the front are the ones we went around.

A shot just before sunset from our camp.

Heading for the hills...

We came down this hill to get to the valley...

Friday was shopping and running errands. Alice had a visit from her brother and sister in-law and because of the wind we ended up having all 7 of us in our rig for dinner and then we watched the fireworks again from here.

Taken from 3 miles away at our camp.

Also from our camp

and another from 3 miles away.

Saturday we went for another hike down SARA crack and got into a wash that was solid rock on two sides and into an area where we had to slide down the rocks about 8 feet only to find that there was a flooded area that one would have to swim to get through. So with lots of hard work and pushing and pulling each other we were able to get back up and out and walked back to camp.

Saturday evening we went down to the park where all the fireworks are set off. We sat under the most unbelievable display we had ever seen. It was the manufacturers showing the best and newest displays they had to offer. It started about 5:00 and lasted until 10:00 with a 45-minute grand finale. Dick took over 200 pictures just that night. No fire this evening as it was kind of late when we got home (and everyone was cold and ready to be inside

The remaining pictures are just a few of over 200 taken that night.

Sunday evening was another fire after going out to dinner. We watched the final display of fireworks and kept nice and warm around the fire. In bed by 11:00 so we could pack up and head to another destination on Monday.

Thanks Robbie, Alice and Steve for a great week, we sure had fun.
To be continued…


Alice said...

We're so happy you could join us this year! Glad to see had good internet in Salome to be able to post our fun week on your blog! We've got a great connection here too--even Robbie is a happy camper now! We've got a babbling brook running right under our bedroom window here at Page Springs--they're really fixing this park up nice after the last flood. Hope to hook up with you again soon, if not, see you in Siskyou!

Deanna said...

Oh my gosh! That is SOOO cool. If you go again next year I'm totally coming along. 5 hours of fireworks. What could be cooler?

Love you guys!

Dick & Jackie said...

Deanna, that's 5 hours for 5 nights in a row.

michelle said...

Wow! Fireworks with a 45 minute finale! Very cool. Post more about what you find in the boxes from the middle of the desert. That sounds interesting! Love you guys!
PS. Macey's here, she loves you too and she thanks you for the postcards!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. I found myself saying ohhh, ahhh and then looking around going Irene, you are such a fool and then thinking I really don't care. Great pictures!!!! What fun.