Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kofa day two and more around Salome Arizona

Our second trip into Kofa was another nice day (most every day is nice). We drove to the base of the mountain. If you look closely you can see the end of the road just left of center. The mountain went straight up for several hundred feet. You had to strain your neck to look at the top.

With walking sticks in hand, we headed up the canyon to see if we could find the Palms.

When we got to the viewing area, it was interesting to see the Palms growing out of the rocks. There had to be some water there to keep them going. I think a goat could get up to them but that's about all.

Turning around and looking back west was also quite a site. Off we went to hike down to the truck and head on home. We did stop at Quartzsite and get a set of springs for the screen door of the rig. We also got fuel there for $1.79 a gallon. The sign said $1.97 but the lady who did the update on the system had turned the last two numbers around. (dyslexia, I think) We did go in and tell her about her mistake.

As you know, we went geocaching with our friends Robbie and Alice while in Lake Havasu. This time we headed out into the desert with our hand-held GPS (thanks Charlie) and headed out to find our first cache. We only had to walk about a mile and a half but find it we did.

Michelle had asked us what they put in the caches. Well what can we say except JUNK. We have a stash of a few items that we have to leave and we will take one item. Lots of fun and a good excuse to get out and hike. By the way, Darin and Deanna, there are 50 caches in a 4.6 mile radius of your house, and 6,445 in a 50 mile radius!

Another back country dirt road out in the desert and we ran across a cemetery along the road. No name only crossed sticks and rock piles.

Across the road was a large old mine and this is the remains of an old adobe building on the top of the hill.

Jackie is taking a closer look at the two remaining walls.

On the highway just a few blocks from our park was an old vacant motel. The shadows add some interest to this shot Dick took while out riding his bike one morning.

And just for some more fun, down the road from our RV park is the little town of Hope and when you got out of town this is the sign for all to contemplate.

Jackie is not comfortable with the misspelling in the sign, but it is still funny.

To be continued...


Deanna said...

1. Those palms in the rocks look amazing.
2. I love the family shot!
3. Thanks for the info. I think once the weather clears we might borrow the GPS from camp and do some exploring.
4. I must be your daughter because I noticed the grammer mistake on that sign right away. I can't believe it's still up!
5. I love that you end all your blogs with "too be continued..."
6. Today Daisy was enjoying looking at the sun yard art you left behind.
7. Miss you and Love You.

michelle said...

i love all of the items you found. All treasures to someone!
And the sign is great. I wonder if the city gets letters asking them to fix the sign. it would have been so cute had it been spelled correctly.