Thursday, February 19, 2009

Future God Dog Parents?

There comes a time in our lives that tough decisions must be made. Like our will and care of our children should some thing happen to us. Well maybe a will. What do we do with all our worldly goods? This week we have been approached by friends who are willing to take on a very big responsibility. We are sure they have talked long and thought hard before approaching us with their request. We have taken quite a bit of time to interview them trying to determine if their request was sincere and that they have the resources to handle such a big change in their lives if they had to.

We cannot make this decision on our own; we feel it’s got to be made by our children. So the question to Debbie, Michelle and Deanna is:

Would you give your permission to let our friends Robbie and Alice Simons be Dog God Parents to CC? They have shown us that they can remember her breed. It took Robbie a little time but with the help of some mind games he was able to remember and repeat it back to us. (CCPP is Chinese Crested Power Puff)

I am sure that they realize another of their responsibilities is to present lavish and expensive gifts on CC’s birthdays and being the life expectancy of a dog is so much shorter, that would be about every 3 or 4 months.

So kids, give us your vote and we will abide by your decision. I know that Robbie and Alice are counting on you. If any of our fans want to vote, please do so but remember only one vote per person. Should Robbie and Alice be the ones to take CC if something unexpected happens to us?
to be continued...


Deanna said...

I think I need some more information about these people in order to make an informed decision. Is there a resume I could see, please?

Jen said...

Future dog godparents is a big responsibility. I mean, we even had a trust fund set up for our dogs (that was pre-Sam), so we had to make sure the godparents were fiscally responsible. :)

Anonymous said...

And who watched out for CC when you and the proposed God Dog Parents abandoned her so you could traipse off to Mexico?? Don't they deserve consideration?

Dick & Jackie said...

Anonymous (Sue). Please note that Robbie has his knee guards on as he needed them while praying that this would work out for them just before we took the picture.

And by the way you need to sign your comment so we know who you are.

Are you interested in starting a bidding war???


michelle said...

You're very kind to consider us for this major decision. I know this is something you both have thought long and hard about. You know how CC feels about this couple and how this couple feels about CC. I say as long as you feel comfortable with them I am all for it. They have my vote.

Ray said...

Hi Dick and Jackie,

We are in Lordsburg, NM with Carl and Susan. Susan wants to know who this anonymous person is?

I tried to post a comment earlier, but guess I did it wrong because it doesn't show here.

How are you'all and where are you headed to next? We'll be heading to Benson (hopefully to have lunch with Charlie and Nila) and then staying in Tucson. We should be in Qsite by Monday.

Susan wants to know if Robbie is aware of the financial obligations associated with being God dog parents, e.g., heartworm meds, frontline, annual shots, dog food, dog treats, and dog accessories (clothing, bandanas (which aren't cheap)). Oh, and car pooling can't happen because of dogs.

Ray & Pam

Robbie said...

......."Oh, and car pooling can't happen because of dogs."

.....uh, huh....think it was figured that way.. :-)


Dick & Jackie said...

Ray and Pam:
We are in Salome, AZ. We're leaving here Monday for Casa Grande. Can we meet along the way?
We tried the email address that we have for you from Lk. Siskiyou but it did not work.
Jackie and Dick

Debbie said...

Cece won't ever need "god dog parents". The mere fact that you two will live forever negates the need for her to have god dog parents.

Ray said...

Dick and Jackie,

Our em address is
Yes, we did change it since Lake Siskiyou.


Anonymous said...

Who are these people and why arn't you leaving her to family? Dave and I, being soooo much younger would be more than pleased to take little CC. I won't even let my big bad chihuahua snarl at her.

Doll, you know your only and wonderful sister.