Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quartzsite, Mexico and Laughlin

We have spent the last 3 days cleaning the rig and truck after about 3 weeks out in the desert. We would clean for a few hours and then go for a walk through the casinos on the short strip or a ride in the truck in Laughlin and Bullhead City. We're doing spring cleaning -- it's a little early but boy does the rig need it!

Before we departed Quartzsite we had one last party. A large television was set up outside with lots of food set out and I think there was a cold drink or two drank during the Super Bowl game. A campfire was started at halftime to keep the evening chill off and a good time was had by all.

Relaxing and enjoying the game was our friend Butch and the Princess of the party (and the entire group site) CC.
As we said in our last posting, we would show you what we purchased for our rig in Quartzsite and Mexico. We looked at close to 10 different stained glass windows and finally settled on this one. This is a view from the outside showing the window and the sign that Michelle gave to Dick for Christmas.

From the inside the window adds a lot of light into the rig and it's sure a lot better than the old plain glass that came with the rig from the factory.

It was time that we got a sign so we could tell people who we are. We had this made in Quartzsite and it can hang over the hitch in the front when parked.

We had an artist in Mexico create this piece of art work on our Directv dish. What a great job he did. We did have to carry this around for a few hours but it's light and we got it home in one piece. And of course now we have to have a special place to store it when we move!

We went for a walk earlier this evening and had to take some pictures of reflections in the windows of one of the casinos. Dick thought it was an interesting view and just had to shoot it.

Another view of the same building. Just for fun.

Just one last shot with the moon in the background.

To be continued...


Debbie said...

I love the ocean and dog theme I'm seeing in your new stuff! Wasn't the super bowl a great game!?! I rarely watch football anymore but made an exception for Sunday's game. Things here are aok. Work is work and it's a lot of work. Love you guys! Deb

Deanna said...

Darin and I are both impressed with the Dish artwork.