Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kofa day one..

That would be Kofa National Wildlife Refuge located just south of Quartzsite Arizona. We took a day trip here and traveled the east west road on the north end of the park and it took us most of the day as the road was called "pipe line road" and it was really, really rough, we only needed 4 wheel drive a few times.

We traveled off that road on a worse one for 6 miles to find a working well with a windmill out in the desert. The Jumping Cholla, (pronounced choy-ya) Cactus was thick like weeds we but had to show some of the beauty in nature around here. I don't think I have seen more thorns on any cactus in this area. And they are hard and sharp.

All the white you see are thorns and they must be about 1 1/2" to 2" long.

Not sure if the flower is in bloom or just working it's way there.

Don't get close or you will learn all about the jumping they do. It took 5 minutes to get all the tines out of Dick's shoe (and foot). This happened to both of us at Quartzsite later that day. They must have followed us there. This is one foot you don't want to stick in your mouth.

The Saguaro are just huge, these must all be over 25 feet tall and just down the road from the cholla.

We found a shorter one on the way home.

Check back next week for "Kofa day two and palm canyon hike.
To be continued...

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